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FOODPICKER: Terms of Use

Not intended to replace professional medical advice:
Diabetes and pre-diabetes are progressive disorders.  The information on this website is general in nature and not in any way intended to replace professional healthcare or medical advice.  FOODPICKER® is not a healthcare professional and is not intended to replace a registered dietitian or any other healthcare professional.  Diabetes and pre-diabetes care is specific and you should consult your doctor, diabetes educator, and dietitian before starting a new diet or exercise plan.

Not intended for persons under the age of 21:
The information on this web site is not intended for individuals under the age of 21.  If you are caring for a child with diabetes you should seek help from a healthcare provider who can make a critical analysis of the specific situation.

Does not address specific medical conditions:
The FOODPICKER® website does not consider dietary needs specific to your health issues or medications taken.  Look to your physician for guidance regarding your specific health concerns and share our program with your physician for modifications.

Your acceptance:
By using this website (FOODPICKER.org) you agree to ALL the Terms of Use outlined in this document.  Please note that our Terms of Use are updated periodically.  Terms of Use are made available from every page on this website and can also be accessed at:  http://FOODPICKER.org/terms_of_use/

Who is covered:
These Terms of Use cover all website visitors ('All Visitors') including, but not limited to, Anonymous Visitors, Food Critics, Nutrition Editors, and others.  Please note that FOODPICKER® provides several outgoing links to manufacturer websites and other websites to help All Visitors gather more information about a particular product or service.  Although we provide an outgoing link (to hopefully additional useful consumer information) it should not be considered an endorsement in any way and you should review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of other websites once you leave FOODPICKER® since we have no control over other websites content.

Information on this web site may not be reproduced without express written consent:
The information on this web site may not be copied, printed, reproduced, or saved in any form without our express written consent.  FOODPICKER®, FOODIZER®, GLUCOMENU®, NUTRITIONCLICK.COM®, and other trademarks, graphics, and logos on this website are the property of Nutrition Click® Corporation.

User accounts:
To access some features of this website some visitors will apply for and be granted accounts.  When creating your account you must provide accurate and complete information.  You may never access another users account without permission. 

Your account is your responsibility:
Your account is your responsibility (not ours) and you should exercise care with it. 

If we receive complaints regarding your account, or find your account is being used in a manner not in accordance with our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to 1. suspend and/or terminate the account and 2. possibly forward your contact information to the party making the complaint.

You understand that all information submitted (see 'Submissions' below) are the sole responsibility of the person from which such Submissions originated.  This means that you, and not FOODPICKER.org, not Nutrition Click® Corporation, are entirely responsible for all the content that you submit.  Neither FOODPICKER or Nutrition Click® Corporation controls the content posted via FOODPICKER.org and therefore we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content.

The information that you submit is your responsibility:
The information that you submit to FOODPICKER.org is your responsibility (not ours).  You agree that you will not submit things protected by copyright, trademark, or patent law.  Furthermore, you agree that you will not submit anything that will harm another individual or break any law.

Submissions & content contributions:
All of the information that you submit ('Submissions') to this website in the form of comments, concepts, designs, foods, ideas, images, ingredients, intellectual property, meal plans, nutrition analysis, opinions, recipes, questions, reviews, and other materials, you hereby grant Nutrition Click® Corporation an irrevocable, nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty free right and license to use, display, modify, reproduce, publish, distribute, make derivative works of, sublicense, and otherwise commercially and non-commercially exploit at our sole discression.  You are voluntarily making your Submissions with the understanding there is no current or future compensation whatsoever and you hereby relinquish any future claims to your Submissions.

You agree not to submit material that is protected by copyright, trademark, or belonging to another person/entity/group without permission. 

Waiver, release & limitation of liability:
You agree to use FOODPICKER® at your own risk while in direct contact with a doctor, certified diabetes educator, or registered dietitian.  You understand diabetes and pre-diabetes care is specific and all information on this site may not apply to you.  Further, you agree that neither FOODPICKER® nor its owners, officers, employees, and contributors shall have any liability to you under any theory of liability or indemnity with your use of FOODPICKER.  You hereby release and forever waive claims you may have against FOODPICKER, its owners, officers, and employees for losses or damages encountered in connection with FOODPICKER.  Void where prohibited by law. 

By using FOODPICKER® you agree to all of the above terms and conditions and will contact us with any concerns immediately. 

Contacting us:
The most effective way to contact us is by using the Contact Us link on the web site. 

Nutrition Click® Corporation
12112 Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Suite 150
Oro Valley, AZ 85755

FOODPICKER® is a program designed to help people with diabetes make better food choices.  Our hope is that people consider the foods they consume and how they can burn them off with exercise for good health.  We embrace the guidelines put forth by the American Diabetes Association as well as the American Dietetic & American Heart Associations.  This website is completely free and brought to you by volunteers in the health care field.

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